Welcome to Electronics Recycling

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Our Process

Upon arrival at our Fort Lauderdale facility, your equipment is separated into components that will be designated for recycling or be reconditioned for reuse.
Equipment to be recycled is broken down to separate the various materials such as aluminum, copper wiring, plastics, and circuit boards. This material is collected in bins for the next step in the recycling process.
Equipment to be salvaged for reuse proceeds to our refurbishing department. Technicians evaluate the items to determine the extent of reconditioning before remarketing.

Equipment We Handle


Mainframes/Minicomputers &Parts IBM, DEC, other Mfgs AS/400, S/38 D VAX/Alpha Desktops & Laptops Telephone Equipment Compaq HP IBM Dell emachines clones Pocket PCs

Network Equipment

Routers, hubs switches modems NICs cabling DSL & cable routers and modems Telephone Equipment Lucent/Avaya, Nortel, Sharp, Panasonic telephones, key systems, PBXs fax machines

Computer Media

Floppy disks, hard drives X
backup tape-Travan DAT DLT

Copy Machines & Scanners

Xerox, Sharp, Canon, Pitney-Bowes postage meters and other office equipment


Laser printers, DeskJet and inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, thermal printers

Other Miscellaneous Equipment

Audio equipment, DVD players, VCRs digital musical instruments video cameras, web cams