Welcome to Electronics Recycling

Unlike other recyclers, AET will accept ALL types of equipment in ANY condition- we do not pick and choose like most recyclers. In addition to standard IT equipment, we accept copiers, fax machines, telephones, televisions, A/V equipment, and other common office gear. If remarketing your equipment isn't an option due to age or condition, we will provide other recycling and disposal options.
There are two basic type of documentation. The certificate of destruction and the equipment inventory.

Top 10 Reasons why we need to Recycle

Worth repeating!!! In 2005, more than 63 million personal computers are projected to be retired. Obsolescence is presenting a daunting new problem. The experts agree that the best way to deal with obsolete electronics is through reuse and recycling. While laws may vary from state to state, the dumping of electronics in landfills is environmentally wrong everywhere
It's hard to retire a computer you bought for $2000 or so. But by the time you're ready to part with that machine, it's often so obsolete that not even schools or charities are interested in it.
One slip here can cost your company a fortune. Environmental compliance is becoming stricter and more expensive every day.
You already have enough work to do. Do you really want to spend your time erasing hard drives and upgrading outdated systems? Why worry about risk management, software licenses and environmental compliance? AET will pickup your equipment, provide the requested services and send you a Disposition Report showing what was accomplished. It's that easy!
Handing down older computers to your less more casual users may seem like a money-saving initiative, but recent studies indicate this approach can cost as much as $1,000 per computer when staff time and necessary upgrades are included. And with name-brand, state-of-the-art systems going for under $400, is it really cost-effective?
Old computers may leaving your company with licensed software and potentially sensitive information on the hard drives. AET will completely erase all data from your hard drives and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction/Recycling and Disposition Report .
Recent environmental regulations and recommendations concerning computer recycling could expose your company to liabilities AET. complies with all EPA, state and local rules and provides you with all required documentation .
With your highly-paid IT staff spending their time on mundane computer recycling, they are spending less time on "real" work.
Save on storage . How much does your office space or warehouse cost you? How much space do your EOL and broken computers occupy?
Save on labor . How much do you pay your IT professionals to prepare for resale or recycle your computers?
Save on administrative & accounting processes. As each day passes, old computers become less of an asset and more of a liability.
Save on refurbishing & hardware upgrades. Is it really worth it to put expensive memory and other enhancements into an obsolete computer?
Remember the opening scenes in the Terminator movies? Is this what we want to hand down to future generations? Recycling is critical for the environment. It conserves resources, reduces waste, cuts pollution and creates jobs. Millions of good computers and computer parts are thrown away every year; less than 10% are recycled today.